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American Red Cross and VERDURE have teamed up to bring you certification and training classes for CPR, AED and First Aid. The training is OSHA compliant and taught by experts in this field. The instructors at American Red Cross are world-class instructors who deliver the latest information, and provide quality instruction. Once your training has been successfully completed, you’ll receive a two-year certification in CPR/AED.

In a few short hours you will gain necessary skills to help save lives.

Classes will be held at VERDURE

Sign-up will be announced soon.

For more information email Katy True at or call to speak to Katy at 806-803-8088

First Aid, CPR & AED Training at VERDURE

First Aid

The importance of being certified for first aid has been overlooked. You never know when you will save someone’s life. VERDURE can help prepare you for the unexpected with first aid training from the American Red Cross. 



There are many reason to become CPR certified but more importantly, you will have the power to save lives. The average estimated time from placing a 911 call until first responders arrive is 8-12 minutes. Did you know, for each minute defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival decreases as much as 10%? The AED training course will allow you to learn how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED).


We encourage you to join our upcoming classes and be the one who can save a life.  

Upcoming Classes

Adult and Pediatric AED, CPR & First Aid Training at VERDURE

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Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers

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