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A CUSTOMIZABLE SHOOTING EXPERIENCE Located in the basement, our range offers an unparalleled experience. Touchscreen interfaces allow for a basic shooting experience or multiple options for movable target shooting. We also offer classes such as Basic Handgun, Introduction to Intermediate Handgun,

Hop in with us anytime, pro-rating welcome! Each series consists of a one hour session each week at the same time and with the same instructor. Sign up today by contacting Malee Needham, Fitness & Pilates Coordinator 806-803-8088 or email Never tried Pilates Reformer before,

Did you know basketball is a great way to get your cardio in and have fun at the same time? Our beautiful indoor court features professional-caliber hardwood floors and regulation-size glass backboards. Our court is available for individual practice and


VERDURE is a health and fitness center unlike anything else in the Texas panhandle. Located in Town Square Village at Soncy and Hillside, VERDURE offers a vast range of services and activities for an equally diverse membership base. This 65,000 square foot facility is filled with state-of-the-art exercise machines, expert fitness instructors, and an unrivaled level of luxury.

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