To ensure VERDURE remains a 5-Star facility, we have already made several facility improvements and equipment upgrades. We plan to continue to do several more facility improvements over the next several months. We have already purchased more pool chaise lounges, more inner tubes for the river, remodeled the men’s sauna, performed extensive maintenance on the pool heaters and mechanics to ensure the pools are heated when we open May 13, and much, much more. To assist with partially covering our additional cost for adding new equipment every year since being open and the facility improvements listed above, per Article 3, Section 4 of your agreement, we will assess a one-time enhancement fee on June 1. The one-time fee for Individuals will be $29, Couples $39 and Families $49. At VERDURE, our goal is to make sure your experience is unmatched with regard to service, equipment, facilities and programming. We always want to hear from you on what we can do to improve your experience and I personally am extending and invitation for you to call or email me at any time if I can be of service to you. Thank you for your loyalty and for being a member! 2023 will be the best year ever and we are looking forward to serving you!