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VERDURE has partnered with IVRS Amarillo to bring  you IV services ideal for recovery which address the folowing needs:

Athletic Performance

Increase exercise tolerance & recovery following exercise or athletic events.

Health & Beauty

Treat dry skin and improve skin tone & glow. Vitamin therapies can improve nail & hair health.

Jetlag & Hangovers

Recover from jet lag, acute symptoms associated with hangovers, migraines and decrease symptoms of the cold & flu.

Energy Levels

Increase overall energy, improve GI health and improve any signs of fatigue.

Immunity Boost

Prevention of illness, dizziness, dry mouth & sleep disturbances (Too much or too little).

Chronic Dehydration

Improve S/S of acute & chronic dehydration. 75% of Americans are thought to be chronically dehydrated.

B-12 | $15

Vitamin B-12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin and aids in a healthy immune system and energy and is fat fighting.


Glutathione is a strong antioxidant that is known for its benefits to skin and liver health.


Supports healthy levels of human growth hormone. Can promote lean muscle mass, wound healing and liver health.


A combination of B-vitamins & amino acids boosts the body’s ability to burn fat and elevate metabolism. Also aids in liver health & energy levels.

CALM | $40

An injection of Magnesium, GABA, taurine & theanine work together to relax the nervous system & decrease anxiety muscle pain, stress and migraines


Running hard, over working, a hectic life or a long night out? Replenish with this quick energy boosting infusion.

I-VERDURE | $129

Preparing for a race or competition? This hydrating electrolyte solution provides hydration and essential elements to support the athlete you are. 


This is an overall welness IV that helps to fight fatigue, jet lag, alleviate cold & flu symptoms and has great benefits for skin beauty. A complete cellular boost.


Renew your skin’s radiant glow through this age defying infusion of essential vitamins & minerals such as glutathionbe, Vitamin C, Biotin & Vitamin B.