Achieving a healthy lifestyle refined for the entire family, the VERDURE KidZone is unlike any other childcare center in the Texas Panhandle. Our KidZone is full of fun, interactive experiences that keep your children on their feet and moving, building the habits that will nurture fitness and healthful living their entire lives. While you’re improving your life, shouldn’t your children be doing the same?  Experience the VERDURE KidZone for yourself.



8 AM-12 PM and 3:30 PM-8 PM


8 AM-2 PM


10 AM-2 PM


  • Parents must fill out a KidZone Health Information and Emergency Contact Form, prior to first drop off.  These forms are kept on file in the KidZone.
  • Parent or legal guardian must be in the VERDURE facility at all times while their child is in the KidZone.
  • Parents will be contacted if their child is crying or unconsolable continuously for 15 minutes.
  • Parents may make reservations for up to a maximum of 2 hours per day.
  • The child must be dropped off and picked up by the same adult, unless prior arrangements are made.
  • Children will not be admitted to the KidZone if showing symptoms of illness, such as fever, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, lice etc, or having a communicable disease, such as, chicken pox.  Please be aware that KidZone personnel do not give medicine to children.
  • If a child stays home from school for an illness, they are not permitted in the KidZone.
  • Please alert KidZone personnel if the child has any allergies or disabilities.
  • Parents should take their potty-trained children to the restroom prior to dropping them off and make sure infants and toddlers are clean and dry before leaving them in the KidZone.
  • No food or drink other than water bottles are permitted in the KidZone.  All water bottles must be labeled with the child’s name.
  • KidZone personnel are not permitted to change diapers.  Parent will be notified if their child needs a diaper change.
  • VERDURE is not responsible for lost or damaged items. Please do not allow your child to bring in any toys, iPads, cell phones, iPods from home.
  • Parent will be notified if their child is abusive to another child or does not respond to verbal discipline by the KidZone staff and will not be allowed in the KidZone until the parent meets with management.
  • At times the children in the KidZone may be taken to the Sports Arena for play.  Please be aware that black soled shoes are not permitted on the Sports Arena floor.


Please make reservations for infants ages 3 months to 15 months to ensure a spot is available. Parents are able to make a reservation up to 72 hours in advanced. KidZone staff have the discretion to increase the age for reservation for the interest of the child’s safety.

Reservations are made by calling VERDURE at 806.803.8088 or see staff at the Welcome Desk. For the safety and comfort of the children, we have a ratio of one KidZone attendant for every ten children and one KidZone attendant for every four infants.