Vitamin B-12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin which aids in a healthy immune system as well as increased energy levels. It is also known for its ability to help burn fat by boosting your metabolism.

This combination of amino acids improves nitric oxide levels and supports healthy levels of human growth hormone. It can promote lean muscle mass, wound healing and liver health.

Lipo C consists of a group of amino acids and 8 vitamins. This combination boosts the body’s ability to burn fat and elevate metabolism. It also aids in liver health and energy levels.


Running hard, pushing too hard at work or a long night out and need to replenish to make it through the day? This will rehydrate your body and relieve pain. 

This overall wellness IV can help fight fatigue, jet lag, alleviate cold & flu symptoms, and has great benefits for skin beauty. Give your body a complete cellular boost.

Preparing for a big race or competition? Looking to recover or just need to replenish after a hard workout? This hydrating electrolyte solution provides hydration and essential elements to support the athlete you are. 

This IV will help with fatigue, seasonal allergies, muscle cramps, body aches and chronic medical conditions.