Rules and Regulations


VERDURE (hereinafter referred to as “Club”) has established Rules and Regulations that are intended to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all Members.  It is vital that all members respect and follow these Rules and Regulations to ensure a quality atmosphere and positive environment.  While it is not the desire of Club management to be forced into suspending or terminating a member or the entire membership, Management reserves the right to do so without notice. Video cameras are used throughout various locations of the facility and property. Camera footage is used to monitor activities to protect the safety and property of anyone on VERDURE property. There is no guarantee that all activities are captured or monitored. Footage will not be shared with members or guests to protect the privacy of others and will be reviewed exclusively by VERDURE management and the police, if necessary. At no time is it permitted to take pictures or video of other members or guests without their permission.

Solicitation or selling of any kind is not allowed unless conducted by club approved staff.

Club reserves the right to text, call, or email any member regarding club business, issues, updates or finance.

Per the Membership Agreement, Article 4, Section 2 states: The Club, in its sole discretion, reserves the right at any time to terminate the membership of any Member for any reason, including but not limited to, failure to comply with any of the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Club, for any conduct the Club determines to be improper or in any way inimical to the best interest of the Club. A terminated Member will remain liable for all dues and other indebtedness incurred prior to receipt of the membership card by the Club.  The Club may terminate without notice the membership of any Member that is 30 days or more in arrears.


There is a zero tolerance rule with regard to fighting, assault, battery, disturbance, harassment, inappropriate or excessive confrontation to another member or staff, or any form of verbal abuse as determined by and at the sole discretion of Club Management.   Anyone in the sole determination of Club management that is involved in any way will be immediately terminated.


Instruction of any kind is not permitted to anyone unless it is a family member listed on the same membership unit,  regardless of compensation of any kind, is not permitted unless conducted by authorized VERDURE employee or independent contractor.  


Signing In.  All members entering the Club are required to be possession of their membership card.  Members must check in and present their membership card each time they use Club. Members requesting access to Club without their membership card may be requested to show other photo identification or denied access to the Club.

Membership Card. The Membership card issued to Member is for the sole use of the Member whose name appears on the card.  Member is required to submit to a photograph or other form of identification. The membership card must be presented to Club for identification and check-in prior to using any of Club facilities. Unauthorized use of the card by persons other than the Member to which it has been issued may result in suspension or termination of the membership. It is the responsibility of the Member to report any lost card immediately. A replacement fee will be charged by Club and Member agrees to pay, for each replacement card issued in the event that a membership card is lost, stolen, or mutilated.

Guests.  Guests may use Club when accompanied by a Member.  Guests must register with Club each time they use Club.  Club will charge a guest fee each time a guest uses Club. Guest privileges are subject to space, availability, and age restrictions. Club reserves the right to limit the number of guests a Member may bring to use Club and the number of times a particular guest may use Club.  Members are responsible for the attire and conduct of their guests.  All guests must be at least 15 years of age unless accompanied by parent, legal guardian or adult that assumes full liability for the health and safety of their guest and must provide proof of age upon request or they will not be permitted to use any of the facilities or services of Club.

Attire and Equipment.  All participants using Club must wear proper attire. All Members and guests must wear shirt and shoes in all inside public and recreational areas. Attire must conform in every case to Club standards of decency and safety, and clothing that is unacceptable in the opinion of Club management may be prohibited with the decision of Club management prevailing in any event.  

Thong swim suits are permitted in the adult swim pool area only. 
Swim attire is only permitted in the aquatics, locker rooms, and wet areas. 

Proper footwear must be worn at all times (i.e. athletics, swim and shower shoes). Members and guests must wear proper footwear on all hardwood floors. Street shoes are not appropriate for hardwood floors.  Dark soled shoes are expressly forbidden on the hardwood floors. Cutoffs are not allowed in the pools. Club management may prohibit the use of any equipment brought in by Members or guests that it feels might be potentially dangerous or destructive to the facility or to its Members.  No athletic attire shall be left in the Club overnight unless the Member has an assigned locker.

Damages.  The Member must pay for any damages to Club property caused by Member, Member’s guest, or dependent children. Pulling on basketball goals or nets or casing damage will be grounds for immediate termination or suspension.

Etiquette.  As a Member of the Club, it is expected the that Member and Member’s guests abide by appropriate etiquette for fellow members and staff. The use of cell phones is not allowed is absolutely prohibited in the Club locker rooms and changing areas, particularly in changing areas or common areas. and violation of this policy may result in immediate suspension or cancelation of membership. Use of profane language or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Guest Member should notify the Club to resolve matters, and not take corrective measures into their his/her own hands or confront other members. Usage of equipment may be subject to time limitations. Additional rules throughout the Club do apply and are clearly stated throughout the facility.

Lockers.  Daily lockers are available on a per visit basis only., and Members and guests are requested to bring their own locks.  Locks left on overnight will be removed. Private rental lockers are available for an extra charge on a first come, first serve basis or may be included with certain membership categories.

Hours of Operation.  Operational hours will be posted or identified on the premises of Club. The hours of operation may change at any time at the sole discretion of Club.  All Members should terminate activities at least 15 minutes before closing time in order to exit the Club in a timely manner.  Club reserves the right to close on any federal or state holiday and on New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Rules Not Inclusive.  The rules contained herein are not inclusive. Additions and amendments to these rules and regulations may be made from time-to-time at the sole discretion of Club. Additionally, Club may adopt other rules, regulations, or policies not covered herein.  If any dispute arises between Club and Member (or Member’s guests or dependents) as to the Club’s rules and regulations, the decision of Club shall be final. Any Members who violates Club’s rules and regulations shall be subject to termination of their membership. Member and Member’s guests agree to comply with such rules, regulations, or policies.

Right to Change Facilities and Services.  Club reserves the right to change the particular facilities and services offered by Club that will be used by Member, the days and hours the facilities and services shall be available to Member, and the equipment and services that shall be available to Member at Club.

Age restrictions and limitations

The definition of an adult is someone that is a minimum of 18 years old. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to inform their children, dependents and guests of all age restrictions.  Failure of the children, dependents, minors and guests to follow the rules is cause for immediate suspension or termination of that child, dependent and/or the entire membership. All exercise areas are intended to be actively used for exercise and loitering is not permitted.

  • Lap pool:  the lap pool is exclusively an exercise pool and can only be used to swim laps. Children must be 15 or older to lap swim in the pool.  The only exception to this is in the event Club staff is providing swim lessons.

  • The Cove: children must be 12 or older to be unsupervised by an adult. Parents must give permission to children 12 and older to be at The Cove unsupervised and take full responsibility and liability for their children’s health, safety and well-being.  

  • KidZone Available for children 3 months of age – 11 years of age (infant area 3 months – 18 months). All children using the KidZone must be enrolled as members of Club under the couple (single parent and one child) or family (one or more parents with more than one child) designation. KidZone facilities are not open to member access­­­­ at any time except during the designated hours of operation.  KidZone is limited to once per day per child for a maximum of 2 hours.

  • Sports Arena/Gymnasium: Under 8 years old not permitted. Children 8-11 years of age must be accompanied by an adult who must be present at all times in the gymnasium and an adult must be in the facility for children 12-14 years of age.

  • H.I.I.T. Zone: Under 8 years old not permitted. Children 8-11 permitted in the H.I.I.T. Zone only if they are participating in Family Boxing & Bags, Club Camps, small group personal training, or private personal training.  Children 12 years and older are otherwise permitted in the HIIT Zone after they have passed the VERDURE Teen Training Orientation and they must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Rock Climbing Wall: Any age with adult supervision and proper equipment harnessed by Club staff.

  • Golf Simulator: All users must be accompanied by an adult member on the membership account and subject to hourly reservation and fee (unless otherwise included in membership).

  • Racquetball:  Under 8 years old not permitted.  Children 8-11 years of age accompanied by and adult who must be present at all times in the viewing area. Protective eyewear is required.

  • Pilates Studio: Under 12 years old not permitted. Children 12-17 permitted if participating in a Club class, small group, or private training session.

  • Mind/Body/Cycle/Strength and Cardio Studio classes : Under 12 years old not permitted. Children 12-14, with adult supervision, must be specifically participating in a Club class, small group, or private training session.

  • Fitness Floor and track: Under 12 years old not permitted.  Children 12-14, with adult supervision at all times.

  • Locker Rooms:  For the privacy of Members and their guests, the use of cell phones, audio and video recording equipment is strictly prohibited in all Club locker rooms, including facilities attached to locker room such as saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, and showers, restrooms, and changing areas. Members and their guests must be an adult to use steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs. Members and their guests must use the restroom, locker room, steam room, sauna, hot tub, and other changing areas according to the gender listed on their birth certificate. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the adult locker room. Parents are prohibited from bringing children into restrooms or locker rooms designated for the opposite gender. Gender neutral and family restrooms/changing areas are available throughout the Club. Children 12-14 must be accompanied by a parent. Must be 15 or older to be unsupervised. Must be 18 or older to use lounge area, hot tub, steam room or sauna.